Thursday, December 07, 2006

My name is Richard Baez

And I've been murdered by the Department Of Doubt. Let's see if I make it through the next few weeks.

Here are some stray notes that have passed through my mind's sandy terrain, with parched lips and eyes an unhealthy (yet aesthetically appealling to the camera) bloodshot red:

- Manny Farber's Negative Space proves both intimidating and inspirational, like Evel Kinievel. Having weaned myself from it over the past two years (throughout my thoroughly eventless school years it was pretty much my bible of aesthetics, as it's careworn condition will attest to), it now takes the place recently vacated by The Stories Of Vladimir Nabokov on my daily commute. There really should be more intelligent commentary on The Curse Of The Cat People floating around...

- A choice quote from the aforementioned Grand Old Man Of Creative Grammar: What a queer sensation to be face-to-face with a causeless film that can draw a "my God, I like it" remark. Which, in my context, refers to Cowards Bend The Knee, that Guy Maddin contraption from a few years back which escaped my sight for some reason, probably due to my lack of enthusiasm for The Saddest Music In The World (of which the only notable detail I can recall is the novelty of Mark McKinney as Serious Actor). A choice intertitle from Cowards: The Joy Joy Joy Of Meeting Someone New! Which sells itself really; now you have to see it. Will there be further comments ahoy for this cautionary tale of blue hands and incestuous themes? Please let it be so! Good intentions...

-Matt Fraction and his mastery of the first-person narrational tone, despite his relative inexperience. Exceptions: it's rather diluted in The Immortal Iron Fist, presumably by the presence of Brubaker (who, from my own reading experience, sticks with a flat competent tone based upon whatever genre he happens to be working in (despite the hossanahs, nobody ever quotes Sleeper, do they?)), which manages,nonetheless, to be a decent tale of kicking and punching; I suspect, of my Casanova collection, issue three remains in near-mint status thanks to it's lack of first-person. I first ascribed Fraction's gymnastics of phrasing to Casanova solely, but found my idea rebuffed by the very fine first issue of Punisher War Journal; Will Frank reference Get Smart! next issue? Stay tuned!

-Why blogging again? Partially because of this post by the estimable Jog but most likely because I reread a few earlier posts and kinda thought they counted as less embarrassing than I expected. I can say I sorta like the Delmer Daves review a few posts down, meaning the temptation to rewrite occurs to me with only every other sentence - with the current rather hasty post, it's all wincing.

-Why all the parenthetical asides?

-Ideas for future posts, almost all of which will be abandoned if my intentions are rebuffed by time and loss of interest (per the status quo of this blog):

Significant notes on Casanova, which I adore.
More Farber, this time with actual commentary.
Some extended comments on some songs.
A review of Funny Ha Ha, which I've now seen three times.
Cowards Bend The Knee review
Brief overview of all the Joann Sfar books I've read and why reading them will make you a better person, able to better function in society with only a minimum of ill-will held toward your fellow humans.
Some actual personal information about me, and why I've held you at an impersonal distance for so very long.


Anonymous sean witzke said...

Fraction's voiceover chops really shine in 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales. Lex Nova is Casanova if he had zero redeeming qualities and a Thomas Magnum fetish. Which of course, kind of makes him a cooler version of me(yeah, a goat-sucker is a cooler version of me. sigh).

And keep blogging! There is someone reading.

4:48 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks! I'm considering taking your cue and listing my favorite comics of all time (SHADE #41 is cemented as number one with the others being an amorphous list of descending excellence yet to be fully determined) so something will be up soon.

You have many fine, fine redeeming qualities, I assure you...

10:53 AM  

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