Friday, November 10, 2006

Six Months In A Leaky Boat


A few notes:

-Man, that Bruno Schulz...

-Man, that book The Gift, by Vladimir Nabokov.... Having spent the past few months reading it at any random page I should happen upon whenever ten minutes can be stolen from more immediate matters, I seem to have digested it more fully than any other given work of art that comes to mind (aside from Flex Mentallo and His Girl Friday).

-Man, that Seven Soldiers Of Victory: Mister Miracle does beguile and infuriate, doesn't it? Issue two just clunks out on ya like some old rusty T-bird you can't help but adore, while three and four just rock out so awesomely, like that Edan album from last year. Also: seven trials in that black hole, which no one seems to have commented on - I imagine I'll enumerate them when I'm feeling more pedantic.

-Man that free time I don't have.... I adore it, cuz I'm doing so many more interesting things during those fictional hours than during my actual hours of leisure.

Something more substantial over the weekend, maybe.


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