Monday, November 13, 2006

More minutiae

-There's a Work In Progress just waiting to burst forth from the larva of a meek Word file into a glorious butterfly that'll glitter and flounce on the screen before your eyes; alas, it'll have to wait a bit longer before the spotlight shines upon it.

-While reality may become a grand perpetual motion study in impressionism, two weeks sans corrective lenses can prove problematic. Social interaction is muted, slapstick shenanigans ensue in unfamiliar environments, restaurants without tactile menus become unfeasible propositions, plus various et ceteras., among which is a smashing scene depicting our protagonist (male) and his accidental journey into the women's lavatory - yes, the giggles you hear are indeed those of teenage girls, further cementing that hoary trope...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Six Months In A Leaky Boat


A few notes:

-Man, that Bruno Schulz...

-Man, that book The Gift, by Vladimir Nabokov.... Having spent the past few months reading it at any random page I should happen upon whenever ten minutes can be stolen from more immediate matters, I seem to have digested it more fully than any other given work of art that comes to mind (aside from Flex Mentallo and His Girl Friday).

-Man, that Seven Soldiers Of Victory: Mister Miracle does beguile and infuriate, doesn't it? Issue two just clunks out on ya like some old rusty T-bird you can't help but adore, while three and four just rock out so awesomely, like that Edan album from last year. Also: seven trials in that black hole, which no one seems to have commented on - I imagine I'll enumerate them when I'm feeling more pedantic.

-Man that free time I don't have.... I adore it, cuz I'm doing so many more interesting things during those fictional hours than during my actual hours of leisure.

Something more substantial over the weekend, maybe.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Watch this space.