Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wherein the author, a rather effeminate male in his mid-twenties, presumes to pinpoint his sensibility for your reading pleasure. Nothing of import will be discussed and much gossip will be relayed, most likely about figures unknown to you and barely known to the author himself - frankly, he finds the detachment quite appealing. You may differ in your opinion. Actually, should you have an opinion you wish to express, do so in the comment box which will soon (maybe) be found below. Right now the central figure is listening to "Slanted And Enchanted" (an album he hasn't listened to in, perhaps, a year) and is basking in the fact that he doesn't have to work tomorrow. He's also wondering about how he can go about getting subject headings for these posts - he just presumed they were a given on Blogger, but now suspects he'll have to muck about with html to get the expected effect. And with that bit of indulgence, here we go.